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Vinyl Siding

How and How Well Does Insulated Vinyl Work?

It’s not just your house, it’s your home, and it may be the most expensive investment you will make. Your vinyl siding should be designed to protect it. If you’re considering buying new siding, it may be because your previous siding has failed to perform the way that you need it to. Learn how the features of Fullback®V siding insulation work together with vinyl siding to deliver the performance that you expect from your siding.


Durability with Vinyl Siding Insulation

Fullback®V siding insulation provides vinyl siding with unequaled durability that stands up to everything from the harshest elements to everyday mishaps. Whether it’s hail, high winds or your son’s fastball, Fullback®V siding insulation helps keep your home looking like new for the life of the product.



Energy Savings and Insulation

The addition of Fullback®V siding insulation can make your siding the most energy-efficient siding on the market. With an R-value range of 2.0-3.5, it can reduce your heating and cooling costs year round… and we’ve been told the insulation actually makes homes quieter!


Healthier Home with Insulated Vinyl

Unlike other alternatives, the exceptional permeability of Fullback®V siding insulation provides protection against rot, mold and mildew. It also deters pest infestation with a built-in pest control agent.

JAWSLOCK™ Siding Technology
Once it’s locked, it never lets go! The curled teeth hold the panels firmly together. Like a great white shark, once these “jaws” close, they don’t let go. In wind load tests, the double thick great barrier hem was strong enough to bend the nail heads!

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