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Energy Efficient Siding

Do you think you have an energy-efficient home? If you don’t install Fullback®V siding insulation behind your vinyl, you will miss a great opportunity to add insulation to your home. Fullback®V keeps heat in during the winter, out during the summer, and money in the bank all year long!


The Problem: Thermal Bridging

There may be a hidden energy leak in your walls that you don’t even know about, and it’s costing you money every day! The culprit is the wood framing. Heat transfers through wooden studs, allowing energy to leak through your walls. Building scientists call this phenomenon “thermal bridging”.


Yesterday’s Siding Products Weren’t Designed to Insulate

The exterior siding products of yesterday provided minimal R-value and therefore did not save energy. Thankfully, Fullback®V is available today to provide energy efficient vinyl siding!


Keep Heat in During the Winter

During the winter, the warm air you pay to heat your home escapes to the cold exterior through your walls. Adding Fullback®V siding insulation to the outside of your home is like wrapping it in a warm blanket, keeping the heat inside where it belongs. Afterall, insulation is cheaper than heat!


Keep Heat Out During the Summer

During the summer, warm air from the outdoors travels through your walls to your home’s interior that you pay to keep cool! Adding Fullback®V siding insulation to the outside of your home is like putting a neoprene sleeve on your beverage during the summer; it keeps outside heat from getting in, and your beverage stays cooler longer!


Sound Dampening

Energy-efficiency isn’t the only benefit of adding more insulation to your home. Have you considered that your home could be quieter on the inside if you added a layer of insulation to the exterior?

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