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Entry Doors Installation

Whether you are going out to your pool, your backyard or on to your deck, why not install an energy efficient solid vinyl patio door?

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    Entry Doors Installation Services

    Not only do we specialize in vinyl siding New Jersey homes, along with replacement windows, but we also offer custom made patio doors. Tri-State’s all-vinyl patio doors are constructed and reinforced with heavy-duty aluminum for added security. We now enable you to enhance your home with a hinged or sliding patio doors. Hinged patio doors include Single, French, Center Hinge, and a Side Hinge of your choice. These doors are all available with UltraShield Glass System. For a touch of class, Hinged Doors are also available with Leaded Glass.

    Innovative Hinge Plate System

    Our steel entry doors have a patented hinge plate system that makes it simple to adjust the door as needed. Our patented Adjustable Hinge Plate is one of a kind and represents one of the most innovative products in the industry. It is easy to install with a screwdriver and eliminates the worry of improperly fitted doors which allow heat and air to escape.

    Entry Doors Styles and Options

    Twin Lites Entry Doors

    Twin Lites extend the presence of your door, offer more light into your house and add value to your home. We offer a full line of Twin Lites to give your house a personal feel.

    9 Panel Entry Doors

    9 Panel Doors come in a wide range of colors to fit any style. Beyond aesthetics, these doors also offer various extras to enhance both functionality and security. 

    Half Rounds Entry Doors

    Half Rounds are very stylish and adds to your homes value. Half rounds are available with many different glass inserts.

    Specialty Entry Doors

    We also offer a variety of specialty doors that can fit the needs of any of our customers. If you want your house to stand out, then perhaps a specialty door will work for you.

    Why Tri-State Doors?

    Patented Adjustable Hinge Plate System

    Our unique patented Adjustable Hinge Plate System offers built-in advantages unmatched in the industry. The Adjustable Hinge Plate – which is located inside the door at each hinge – makes it possible to adjust the door up or down, in or out. This is important because improper door alignment could cause the weather-strip seal to break, allowing outside air to enter or heat to escape.

    All that’s needed is a screwdriver! You get a tight fit – top to bottom, side to side – without removing the door from its hinges. The adjustment can be made at installation or at any time in the future if the climate or normal settling should affect the door opening.

    Exclusive hinge plate adjusts up or down and in or out. Security hinge with interlocking tab prevents door from being removed if hinge pins are removed.

    Energy Efficiency

    All our doors are fully insulated with an inner core of environmentally friendly polyurethane foam for a R-value of 13.0, more than four times that of a wood door! A foam-filled interlock provides for a thermal break. Looking for even more energy efficiency? You can double your savings on your energy bills with our energy efficient replacement windows.

    Two-Piece Unitized Construction

    All our doors are manufactured with a two-piece unitized construction for durability and strength. The heavy 22 gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel is 50% thicker than a standard steel door found at many home centers.

    Stainable Steel Entry Doors That Welcome You Home

    You can have all the features of our steel door… the strength, durability, security and the patented adjustable hinge plus the deep, rich beauty of a textured wood-grain finish that looks and stains like real wood. That’s Stainable Steel! Our Stainable Steel doors have a classic wood-grain texture deeply embossed directly into the steel facing.

    This wood graining matches the architecturally correct style and rail graining found in real oak doors. A special top coating is applied that permanently bonds to the steel and accepts stain to give you a real wood look. Your new Stainable Steel door can also be painted to match any trim.

    Professional Installation Ensures Satisfaction…

    These beautifully designed top-quality replacement doors are prehung in a steel frame that is engineered to fit over your existing wood frame. This design allows our qualified professional remodeler to replace your old door with a minimum of mess. And our exclusive adjustable hinge plate system ensures a perfect fit every time.

    Adjustable Riser

    Thresholds with a riser can be easily adjusted with a screwdriver to meet the weather strip on the bottom of the door to create a tight weather-seal. Thresholds with a riser can be easily adjusted with a screwdriver to meet the weather strip on the bottom of the door to create a tight weather-seal.

    Steel Replacement Frame

    The steel frame provides the highest security rating in the industry. The bulb sweep seals out the weather and can be easily replaced