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Replacement Windows Needed in Atlantic City, NJ After Hurricane Sandy

Friday, November 2, 2012

Replacement Windows Needed in Atlantic City, NJ After Hurricane Sandy

As communities along the East Coast assessed damage from Hurricane Sandy on Tuesday, Atlantic City, N.J. was among the areas most ravaged by the storm. Hurricane Sandy hit the state of New Jersey with force starting on October 29, 2012, starting with the Jersey Shore. Atlantic City was the first to experience flooding and building damage, destroying nearly the entire Atlantic City boardwalk. As the hurricane hit landfall around 8pm that night, the surge burst through the streets, small shops, towering hotels and normally bustling casinos were exposed to “the perfect storm,” suffering hit after hit. Luckily, the casinos remain undamaged with lights and dunes still intact.

The main part of Atlantic City that took the hit was the Boardwalk fronting the Absecon Inlet, which includes a residential second of Atlantic City. Aside from flooding, storefronts and homes have experienced building damage, requiring extensive clean-up, new roofing, and replacement windows in NJ. Experts predict to see the most lasting damage on the Atlantic City beachfront. Experts predict the 125 feet of sand on the Atlantic City beachfront will be reduced to just 25 feet after Hurricane Sandy.

Cleanup crews and officials are doing all they can to help clean up the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in Atlantic City and other affected areas including Ocean City, Long Beach Island, Seaside Heights, and more. Many businesses and homes are facing expensive damages and may require new roofs, new flooring, and replacement windows in NJ. While the damage is somewhat unknown right now since only news media, officials, and some homeowners are allowed into most parts of the shore, NJ residents are ready to pitch in to help recover the Jersey Shore.

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