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Casement Window Replacements

We are committed to providing high-quality, high-performance, customer-friendly casement windows to transform your space. Upgrade your home today! 

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    What is a casement window?

    A casement window is a popular window style known for its charm and functionality. Unlike traditional windows, casement windows are hinged on the side and swing outwards, like a door. They provide excellent ventilation and are easy to open and close, making them a top choice for many homes.

    Explore Our Casement Window
    Replacement Options

    Tri-State Window and Siding offers a diverse range of casement window replacement options to suit every taste and architectural style. Let’s explore what each of these options has to offer:

    Horizontal and Vertical Awning Windows

    This awning windows offer versatile design options and functionality. They can be installed in horizontal or vertical orientations, catering to different aesthetic preferences and requirements. Additionally, they come in combinations of both fixed and operable units. This versatility allows you to choose the perfect combination of functionality like ventilation, ease of use, style, and practicality to create a great window that meets your practical needs.

    Weatherproof Windows

    Our windows are made with E-GARD® coated hardware, which protects the hardware from wear and corrosion, extending the life of your windows and keeping them in good condition. The weather stripping inside the window is placed in a way that seals it when it is closed. Not only does this reduce drafts, but it also improves your home’s energy efficiency, keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, potentially reducing your energy costs.

    How it Works

    These windows work with a simple crank handle. You can easily open and close the casement window with a crank handle. Not only does this design make the window easy to open and close, but it also provides tight security. When the window is closed, it seals tightly to protect your home and save energy.

    Ideal Location

    Where should casement windows be installed? These windows are ideal for Bedrooms and living rooms that require good air circulation. These windows are also suitable for hard-to-reach areas due to their easy-to-use crank handle. They allow more natural light and fresh air into your home, improving the comfort and appeal of your space.

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    Replacing casement windows provides homeowners various benefits, such as improved ventilation, energy efficiency, aesthetics, and functionality. It is essential to know when it is time to replace casement windows to maintain the comfort and appearance of your home. 

    We are committed to providing high-quality, high-performance, customer-friendly casement windows to transform your space. Upgrade your home today! Contact us today to learn more about our Casement window replacements and how we can help you find the perfect replacement for your home.

    Casement window Design Style

    Casement window replacements come in various designs to suit your home’s style. Whether you’re looking for a classic or modern look, there’s a style for everyone. Not only are these windows functional, but they’re also stylish, adding an elegant touch to your home. Here at Tri-State Windows and Siding, we offer a wide selection of materials and finishes so you can be sure your new windows will match the style of your home.


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    Why choose Casement Windows?

    These windows are one of the most sought-after options for replacing windows. They offer a unique combination of functionality, style, and flexibility. Here are some of the top reasons and benefits for choosing casement windows:

    Exceptional Ventilation

    One of the main benefits of casements is that they allow for better ventilation. Casement windows have a full-length opening, unlike traditional sliding windows. This allows for the most air to flow through the entire window. This is especially useful in rooms that need a lot of air circulation, such as Bedrooms and living rooms.

    Energy Efficiency

    These windows use less energy than other types of windows. When you close the window, the sash tightens against the frame. This seals off the air and helps keep the temperature in the house consistent, which can help you save money on your heating and cooling bills.

    Versatile Design Options

    They are available in various styles, materials, and finishes. The versatility of these windows means that they can match any style of home, whether traditional or modern. You can select from various materials, such as vinyl, wood, or aluminum, and a range of finishes to suit your home’s décor.

    Enhanced Security

    A casement window has a locking mechanism built into the frame. This makes it harder for burglars to break in and provides you with peace of mind.

    Easy Maintenance

    Casement windows are super easy to clean inside and out. That makes them an excellent option for many people who don’t have a lot of windows.

    When Is It Time to Replace Your
    Casement Window?

    It’s important to know when to get a new casement window to keep your home comfortable, energy-efficient, and good-looking. Look out for the following signs that it’s time to replace your windows: If you start to notice drafts or changes in your home’s temperature, it could be a sign that the seals are wearing out. This can lead to lower comfort and higher energy bills. If it’s hard to open or close the windows, it’s a sign that the mechanism is wearing out or the frames are warping. 

    Condensation between the panes, cracks, or rot can also signify that it’s time for a new window. If your home’s style no longer matches the style of your casement window or if you’re looking for better functionality or noise reduction, it’s a good idea to get a new one. Replacing your windows not only looks great, but it can also help you save energy and make your home more comfortable.

    Features of casement windows

    • Hinged Design: These windows are designed with a hinge on one side. This allows the window to open outward like a door, maximizing the opening space for ventilation.
    • Crank Operating System: Most casement windows have a crank operating system. This makes it easy to open the window and close it. This is an excellent system for windows that are installed in hard-to-reach places.
    • Customizable Opening Angle: You can also adjust the opening angle of a casement window. This allows you to change the amount of ventilation depending on your requirements.
    • Full window screens: Most casement windows are fitted with full window screens. These screens are installed inside the window to provide adequate protection against insects.
    • Glass options: Casement windows come in various glass options, such as tinted glass, tempered glass, and low-E glass. Depending on your privacy requirements and energy efficiency, you can choose the glass option that best suits your needs.

    These windows are an excellent choice for window replacement due to their versatility, practicality, and aesthetic appeal. They combine convenience with practicality, making them a great addition to any modern home.


    Casement windows are a type of window hinged on one side and opening outward like a door. They are known for their excellent ventilation and ease of operation.

    Answer: Cleaning casement windows is straightforward. Begin by unlocking and fully opening the window. Use a mild, soapy solution and a soft cloth or sponge to clean the frame, sash, and glass. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry with a lint-free cloth. Avoid abrasive cleaners or tools that could scratch the glass or frame. For detailed instructions, refer to our cleaning guide.


    • To open a casement window, follow these steps:
    • Locate the window handle or crank.
    • Turn the handle or crank counterclockwise to open the window.
    • Keep turning until the window is fully open.
    • Turn the handle or crank clockwise to close the window until it is locked.

    You should consider replacing your casement windows if you notice drafts, difficulty opening or closing, condensation between glass panes, visible damage or if you want to upgrade for better energy efficiency or aesthetics.


    Casement window replacement offers improved ventilation, energy efficiency, ease of operation, unobstructed views, enhanced security, and customizable design options.